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Almost-weekly poetry and columns from a lucky, heartbroke writer getting by in the end of times. 

Vox populi vox dei (the voice of the people is the voice of God).

The Personal Journalism purveyed here is a street take and “least factual, most accurate” account of an independent artist trying to make it in current climes. 

I write from the wrong side of whatever side there is, to paraphrase seminal punk band The Business.  I proudly brandish the punk rock ethos as I believe it to be the most important socio-political movement of the 20th century.  

With the vantage point of Hunter Thompson, the coat-of-arms of Henry Rollins and the raison d’etre of Charles Bukowski, I’ve carved out a singular place for myself in literature and journalism.  I’ve no motivation for writing other than “getting it out,” or to understand and for you to read it. 

I’ve put out a collection every year since 2015. 

The stage is the ultimate expression of my work and I support YLP’s releases with DIY tours and shows consisting of poetry, storytelling and dark humor that I call Stand Up Tragedy. 

But it all begins here, on the page, with you.

Join us.

As a writer outside the literary establishment it is my undying hope that my work speak through a universal first-person.  Paid subscribers are entreated to essays and columns sent in tandem with almost-weekly poetry.  My supporters keep me in ink, literally keep the lights on and can save on their purchases of poetry and prose collections, broadsides, shows and workshops.  Social media isn’t compromised. We are. If the voice of the people out on the street ain’t the truth, it’ll do until the truth gets here.

Jim Trainer contributes to Substack, served as columnist for Into The Void and blogged at Going For the Throat for over a decade. Trainer publishes one letterpressed collection every year through Yellow Lark Press.  STRIDE is his 8th.  As a progenitor of Stand UpTragedy™ he performs regularly throughout the world.

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Almost-weekly poetry and essays from a lucky heartbroke writer trying to get by in the end of times.


"...writing as a worthy spiritual successor to the great Hunter S. Thompson with a drive and steadfast rage Henry Rollins would be proud of." —Philip Elliott, Into The Void Magazine